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Learn from a vast source of knowledge, that you know you need, but couldn’t find anywhere. Dive deep into lighting, CG techniques, materials, color, design and archviz business. And look at it all from a wider perspective. Whether you want to understand a subject in depth or need a good portion of inspiration. Whether you struggle with a technical issue or artistic one. Find answers to problems that’s been holding you back at CommonPoint. and grow as an artist with us.

Study new concepts the way that suits you best. Go for our extensive paid online training on 3d exterior lighting or comprehensive free posts on our blog. Or both! Find loads of knowledge and inspiration here that will help you learn new skills and land better clients. So join us and discover the common point behind the art of 3d visualizations.


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Illuminate your exterior shots in day, overcast, night and dusk/dawn scenarios. Successfully and consciously. Learn how with our prerecorded, 24h long 3d exterior lighting masterclass. Once and for all, understand the whole process, so you always feel in control of light, color and composition in your scenes. Just imagine you can create and post on Instagram renders like these:

Along with the paid training you get a full 3d scene, we used in the course, You can practice on it and then use it however you like. Sound good?

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Study color, composition, world creation and lighting techniques. And some business tips on top of that. Find lots of useful knowledge, CGI techniques and pro tips that will help you go foreward with your career. Whether you’re a junior 3d artist, or you work years in the industry. All of in free articles on renowned CommonPoint blog.

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Behind the CommonPoint stand two long-time 3d artists committed to sharing their knowledge in the most approachable way they can. Just so you can delve into their expertise and experience, look at different topics from more than one perspective and find a solution that works best for you.

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Last week I discovered the commonpoint site (via the creativelighting course) and I have to say that it is by far one of the most didactic and clearest sites about infographics. At first, I was planning to subscribe to your free courses, but after reading your high quality blog posts, it is obvious that I will choose the paid option. I've been working as an architect for about 12 years and I've been learning archviz on my own for 6 years in my spare time. Discovering passionate people like you is extremely encouraging especially in moments of doubt.

— Thomas

I want to thank you two for the knowledge you pass on, I read the 12 free articles MULTIPLE times, it's probably the best free "tutorials" from the internet, they're easy to read, easy to understand and most of all they are clean and straight to the point, and I want to congratulations you for it, I learn so much from it that it would be stupid not to aknowledge you two for it.

— José

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the informative blog posts! I've been using Corona with Cinema4d for many many years now, and have been using HDRIs wrong all this time! I always thought Peter's HDRIs were just too hot and burned out my scenes. My solution was to just lower exposure to death. In reading your article, it's like a whole new world of lighting has opened up for me. This information isn't laid out clearly anywhere else - so thank you!

— Evan


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