Articles Roadmap

We will be working on CommonPoint along with our commercial work. Slowly but steadily, we want to build a comprehensive knowledge base for ambitious CG artists like yourself. In 2 years, we hope to cover most of the topics in our list down below.


Mastering the Lighting

Everything related to illumination and atmosphere in general. How to approach HDRI lighting, volumetrics, or the color of a sky and composition of clouds? Find out this section.


Color and Composition Classes

What are the rules that govern a fantastic image? What’s the relation between the objects and their color? Let’s break down and fix your composition!


3D Materials Workshop

Learn how to create realistic materials with this ultimate guide. Understanding the world around us is the key to build convincing shaders. And for CG artists, there is nothing more intriguing than breaking down the world around us. Let’s do this together!


World Creation

It is the world around us, that we love to analyze from every angle. As a 3d artist, the more you know about reality, the better results you get. Let’s dive into the wonders of our beautiful world!


Design & Concept Creation Classes

Following trends and searching for inspiration will make your job a lot easier. But the real test begins when you try to design yourself. It’s time to bring your work to the next level.


Personal & Business Segment

Working as a CG artist is an ongoing learning process. Tools, techniques, software - everything goes forward. And so should you! The same goes for customer service and your personal growth. Let’s dive in deeper!


Stay Tuned!

Enjoy the upcoming free content, all of the updates on our work and other cool stuff we’re preparing for you.
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