CommonPoint Masterclass:
3D Exterior Lighting

Paid, Prerecorded Training, Coming Q4 2022

Stay tuned for one of the biggest 3d lighting tutorials available on the market. Master more than 30 lighting scenarios and practice on a full 3d scene included within the training. Follow along to achieve the results below and let us guide you through the full creative process. Sign up to be the first to get noticed!



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Comprehensive Training

Paid, Prerecorded Training, Coming Q4 2022

Discover a brand new teaching method that unfolds full creative process behind lighting in exteriors shots. Follow 3 different paths that lead you to see the bigger picture of the lighting process - theory, color study, and rendering practice. It’s solid fundamentals you have always wished for. Great lighting skills take practice, and we will tell you every aspect you need to train to get there. Along with tons of tricks and ready-to-go setups that work in the commercial and artistic pipelines.

Universal Knowledge

Just about everything a professional thinks while rendering an image. Broken down into easily digestible lessons that build on top of each other. Starting from scene assessment to the final touch. It’s a mindset of doing things right, irrespective of your rendering software.

3dsmax/Corona Renderer/Photoshop

Ready-to-go settings that simply work. Either if you want to copy&paste, or dive deeper into how to create them from scratch. Everything is Corona Renderer 8 ready using the newest features like Chaos Cosmos, Chaos Scatter, and some Photoshop spice on top of it.

Commercial Workflow

Approaches and setups that you can use in day-to-day work. Dusk, night, day and overcast. We discuss potential problems and solutions to those scenarios and most importantly, how to see and nail colors that sell like crazy.

Cinematic Approach

Advanced concepts that push your artistic skills to a whole new level. Develop a deep understanding of volumetric effects, creating color palettes, and matching lighting scenarios with a reference. You’ll literally develop an image like this one, how cool is that?

Color Understanding

Techniques to improve seeing natural colors. You’ll understand what the colors should look like once and for all. And if you think that working with LUTs is magical, wait until you create them on your own, with ease.


Full 3d Scene Included

That’s right! Tons of vegetation models, 3d scans, and textures that are optimized for production. Follow along and practice as we explain the nuances of every lighting scenario in that very scene. Then, use it however you like, even in your commercial work.

Sneak Peek

Training Sneak Peek

Paid, Prerecorded Training, Coming Q4 2022

We can already give you a small idea about the scope of the tutorial, even though, we are constantly working on it. You can expect a complete breakdown of the lighting process and multiple ideas that will help you see things from a different perspective. You’ll practice on the free scene with us, but we’ll also show you how it works in different shots, to see the broader context. We’ll share more info about the structure, release date, and price as soon as we're ready.

Hidden Potential

Rendering Practice

Night-time Typology

Concept Building

Plant Shading

Lighting Study

Memory Colors

Render Passes

Volumetric Effects

Depth Perception


Universal Scenarios


And Many More..

This is only a small portion of what we have in store. At the moment of publishing this article, we have more than 40 different lessons put in order. Our aim is to keep the standards of articles so hopefully, there are no more questions marks left. If you haven’t seen any of our materials before, we strongly encourage you to check the blog for 12 free articles.


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Paid, Prerecorded Training, Coming Q4 2022

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